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The Best Cross-Browser Testing Tool Ever : Adobe BrowserLab

May 11th, 2010 | Cool Stuff , Css3 , General , Html5 , Links

Seemingly the successor of Meer Meer from Adobe, Browserlabs is a sleek new service for testing your websites across browsers. It tests Firefox 2 and 3 and IE 6 and 7 for XP and test Firefox 2 and 3 and Safari 3 for OS X. Just sign in with your Adobe account, put in a URL and let Browserlab load screenshots for these browsers. Brilliant 2-up and onion-skin views allow you to compare between browsers easily. Unlike some browser testers, the entire page is visible, header to footer with scrolling. I’ve already noticed some particularly slow loading browsers and it would be great if it could build the page so you could navigate a site like a native browser test but it’s a great new product from Adobe. Test your website now!

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